Monday, February 13, 2012

Trying this again.

It really has been a while, I finished school, had a miserable time at work, got myself another great job, lost weight and then my Mom died - suddenly , which meant going home to the UK for a month and leaving the dogs at home with my husband. Although they lived 3000 miles away, my dogs accepted my folks as part of their pack even though they didn't see them for months at a time. It's a simple concept for the dogs, that person just left and that's it.
I find myself looking at a new challenge now, I am determined to look after myself and my pack better. Since we moved to Florida my dogs don't get the exercise they used to when we lived in Vegas. There are too many stray dogs here and dogs who get let out at night. I have to find a better way to get us all what we need, that is a promise to us all.

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